Thursday, September 24, 2009

Delicious honey--A sweet treat for your hair!

Your sweet tooth may not be the only one craving a sugary fix. If you are a victim of dry brittle hair, your hair may also benefit from a sweet treat--Honey. Honey has proven to be very beneficial to ethnic hair. How? Well, honey is a natural humectant, meaning it naturally attracts and holds moisture. Because kinky and curly hair tends to be dryer than straighter hair, those with ethnic hair may find that their hair benefits from additional moisture. The sweet treat is also an antibacterial and anti fungal, which can aid in hair loss prevention.

Do not let its stickiness fool you. When applying a honey treatment correctly, honey will not cause your hair to become a hard sticky mess. It will actually leave your hair shiny and feeling soft and moist. Honey is often mixed with a conditioner and/or an oil (such as olive oil). You can choose to deep condition your hair with this mixture, or apply the mixture as a "prepoo" on already damp hair. Because the hair is already damp, the honey mixture goes on just as a regular conditioner would--not sticky. Some women like to apply honey alone to their damp hair. I prefer to mix mine with a conditioner and olive oil to provide my hair with a great "slip" when combing it out in the shower.

Some women also use honey as a natural hair lightener as it contains hydrogen peroxide.

I tried a honey treatment and my personal recipe and results are as follows: I mixed a tbsp of honey, a tsp olive oil, and about a cup of Mizani Moisturefuse Conditioner and applied the mixture to my hair. I sat for 30 minutes under my dryer. The treatment resulted in my hair feeling very moist and healthy, and I did notice more shine. I did not notice a change in the color of my hair after the first use. I give the honey treatment a 4 out of 5, only because I prefer my hair to be dark. I will probably use the honey treatment no more than once a month since I am only interested in the moisturizing benefits and not lighter hair. :)
Image courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons Public Domain