Sunday, October 25, 2009

How I acheive my Braidouts!

Last week I decided to do a braidout on my hair. A braidout is a low manipulation wavy/curly style that is great for any hair whether it's relaxed, natural, or in the transitioning phase. I enjoy braidouts on my relaxed hair because it is a nice alternative to straight hair and it gives me a more "natural" look. If you are looking for a new style, the braidout is easy, non expensive, versatile, and beautiful. There are many different ways to create the "look," however, I am going to share how I like to do my braidouts and the technique that works best for me.

What you need:

  • A comb for detangling
  • A moisturizing leave-in conditioner
  • Small perm rods
  • Damp hair
The technique:
I always do my braidouts on freshly washed hair while it is still damp because I like a more defined curl. You can do your braidouts on dry hair if you desire a looser wave.

1. After rinsing out my conditioner, I detangle my hair using a shower comb and apply Silk Elements Moisturizing Leave-in conditioner.

2. Next, I part my hair with my fingers into block like sections (I avoid parting with combs because I do not desire a manufactured look. I like for my braidouts to look natural, therefore I like "messy" parts). I've found that about 10 plats is enough to acheive the look that I like...medium sized defined curls.

3. Then I proceed to plat my hair down to the ends and roll the ends with small perm rods. Some people like to cornrow their hair when doing braidouts, but I have found that plats work better for me, especially on damp hair to avoid unnecessary breakage. I leave the plats in overnight and sleep with a satin bonnet.

4. The next morning, I take my plats down and use a hair pick to pick my roots in order to get rid of the parts and to add volume to my hair.

That is all there is to it! As far as daily maintainence, I am sure to scrunch in a moisturizer and oil as a sealent in the mornings, and I sleep with a silk bonnet on at night. The braidout worn down usually lasts me 3 days before it becomes frizzy. Once the frizz begins, I start wearing my hair up in a clip with headbands for style, creating a cute crinkly updo!

This style is not only a great look, but it is also healthy for your hair because it does not require you to comb or manipulate your hair for days aiding is less breakage. I love it!